How much hair loss should be alarming?
Hairfall is also a phase of Hair Growth. 10% of hair is always in shedding phase (will be more with Ageing). But apart from this if hairfall occurs due to other external factors, it should be addressed immediately. Hair fall due to thinning, split ends, dry and brittle hair should be noticeable. An average individual loses between 50 and 100 strands per day, even up to 150 in some cases.
Will HEADZUP permanently stop hair fall?
Hairfall happens due to two major factors, Nutritional and lifestyle causes. HeadzUP ensures to provide adequate nutritional support. But further lifestyle changes like active life, and dietary corrections are needed to get rid of the problem permanently.
Does wearing Helmet cause hair loss?
Wearing Helmet doesn’t cause Hairfall provided Hair health is ensured. Proper scalp hygiene (Shampooing twice/thrice a weak) and appropriate hair nutrition (Biotin Supplements) will keep the Hair healthy and safe. Helmet is too important to save your life – Don’t neglect. You save your Head and leave the worry of Hair to HeadzUp.
I am on hormone therapy; can I use hair nutrition tablets?
Yes. It is safe to use HeadzUp, no interactions are noted. HeadzUp contain vitamins and minerals that are part of our daily diet in adequate quantities to support hair growth. They just help strengthen hair and promote its growth. But of course, you must also treat the root cause of Hormone issues.
Does shaving the head reduce hair loss?
Hair follicles are about 1/4 of an inch deep into the skin. Shaving will cut the shaft of the hair at the surface and has no pathophysiological effect on hair growth or hair loss. However, if the hair has been damaged due to chemicals, diseases, chemo or radiation therapy, shaving may help psychologically until the underlying problems are resolved.
If I use hair vitamins, will it stop hair fall?
Hair vitamins will help strengthening hair and its growth. But deeper understanding is also required to rule out if any underlying problems like hormonal or stress, among other things, are complicating your condition.
Does crash dieting cause hair loss ?
Crash diets and caloric deprivation of fewer than 1,000 calories per day or sudden weight loss of more than 20 pounds have been reported to be associated with hair loss. This because along with cutting of calories you also deprive your Hairs from Biotin. Thus the evidence of hair shedding can be noticed one month after the sliming diet begins.
What is the right time to take hair nutrients?
It is always better to take vitamins after food. To maintain regularity, you can choose either after breakfast, lunch or dinner.
How does HEADZUP work to prevent hair fall?
Headz up provides all the essential hair vitamins and minerals like Biotin, Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Zinc, which ensures to prevent further Hairfall and Greying.
How safe it is to take hair vitamins like biotin?
It is very safe. These vitamins are part of our daily diet. Water-soluble vitamins like vitamin B (biotin is vitamin B7) and vitamin C can be taken for long term safely. Being water soluble, excess or unwanted quantity will be excreted.
What is the right dosage of HEADZUP? And for how long?
Once daily after food, It has to be continued for a minimum period of 90 - 180 days.
What if I miss a dosage of HeadzUp?
If you miss a dose of HeadzUp, take it as soon as you remember. If it is crossing with the next intake, just skip the missed dose. You need not double your intake for the missed dose, as the excess biotin will just get washed away.
Who can consume HEADZUP in regard to age?
Any one above 14 years can take Headzup, there is no age limit.
Can oiling hair promote hair growth /prevent hairfall?
External visible Hair is made of dead hair cells. Applying oil on the dead hair cells make no difference. It is necessary to understand that hair produces its own oil called Sebum. It is produced inside the hair shaft and provides lubrication for hair to move backward and forward during combing. Of course, Applying oil half an hour before shampooing helps better cleaning and Hygiene. But has no role in hair growth or hair fall.
Does HEADZUP have any side effects?
Basically, HeadzUp contains only hair vitamins and minerals which are part of our everyday diet. They are water soluble in nature, so it does not stay in the body. Headzup can be used safely even on long term without much side effects. While taking HeadzUp women, you will sometimes observe black stools. This is because of Iron. Nothing to be worried.
Can shampoo prevent hair fall or make it long and strong?
Any good shampoo can do only one thing effectively – clean your scalp and hair. Shampoo acts only on the hair and scalp, it will never reach the root. Only way to strengthen hair is to provide right nutrition.
When will I begin to get results on consuming HEADZUP?
You will start seeing the benefits in three months. Initially you can notice results like faster Hair & Nail growth, with increased frequency of haircuts.
Are herbal products safer for hair loss?
Few of the herbal ingredients does help in improving blood circulation to Hair bulb and help in building strong hairs. But the Dosage, Proper processing, Studies and Documentation is critical. Most people think that every herbal product is safe which is not true. Also, even if a herbal product is taken, you need adequate vital nutrients for it to be effective. Because nutrients are also a part of our regular diet without which body function is compromised.